Thy Stars are falling

This is me.
And this is what I do.

So this happened at school today… @mickyferny

Isn’t God an artist?
"Sometimes our hearts see better in the dark" Pen on Polaroid by Ëmylë
The claw
So this was payback from last week😂 I was buried while sitting up!
Its all about perspective
Henry Sebastian Hahn
God comes up in the little places
The rowdy howdy throwdown was a hit! Thank you everyone who was apart of this amazing night! More pictures of the #babiesofeleventwelve to come!
Love those CMYK values!
Found my name!


Cover of japanese Cut magazine with Marnie + other drawings by Ghibli director/animator Hiromasa Yonebayashi (from his Gashu book).

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I’m gonna do it like I promised so here are some rules:

1. Must be following me:

2. Reblogs and likes count so you can reblog as much as you would like

3. i will only ship within the U.S.

4. Contest ends August 15, 2014

and I think that’s it. If you have any questions just inbox me I will answer them! Thanks everyone and ENJOY!!!

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